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Over the course of its history, the city of Midland has grown from a small farming community to one of the biggest cities in West Texas located within the famed Permian Basin. Throughout that time, Midland Independent School District has been there to help students learn and pick up the vital skills needed to be prepared for the future. With a hard-working collection of educators, faculty and support staff that totals near 3,000, MISD helps to serve over 25,000 students in the area including 27 elementary schools, four junior high schools, two freshman high schools, one alternative high school, one early college high school, two 6A high schools, and a technology center. The near 3,000 employees led by current Superintendent Orlando Riddick combine to form the backbone of the MISD. Hard work, dedication and a commitment to the students is seen on daily basis as they work to help students to get the most out of their education from the elementary level all through high school in preparation of jumping directly into a career or taking the next step in education. While Midland has experienced fluctuations in its population over the years, the area is poised to see plenty of growth in the immediate future thanks to the infusion of billions of dollars of investment from oil and gas and other companies. With that future growth in mind, MISD and its employees remain committed to providing a top-quality education for all students from start to finish. Midland Independent School District offers its employees a wide range of benefits including medical, dental and vision coverage, life insurance, paid time off, sick leave, a retirement plan and much more. For more information about MISD, contact their office at (432) 240-1000 or visit their website at


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