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Half a century ago, it started out small in an area quickly expanding thanks to the boom with oil and gas exploration. Now nearly 50 years later, Midland College continues to play a vital role in the overall health for an ever-changing, and currently growing, Midland community. Buoyed by a diverse student body with some just starting out their secondary education or people returning to school to pick up and learn new skills, Midland College is home to over 5,000 students who receive a quality education at about one-third of the total cost compared to Texas’ other four-year public institutions. Midland College offers over 100-plus degree and certificate programs in addition to several continuing education programs. Because of the ever-changing economy and labor market, Midland College is in a perfect position to help those students looking to pick up a new skill or transition into a new career to be ready for whatever the area will need in the future. And for those that want to continue their education at a four-year institution, Midland College’s class credits are transferable to other institutions. Thanks to the size of the overall student body, faculty at Midland College are able to provide a strong and more in-depth learning experience with the 17:1 student to teacher ratio that the school currently enjoys. While taking that first step to beginning college or jumping back into school after many years can be a daunting task, Midland College can work with anyone to help make the process less stressful.

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