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Blazin' Safety Consulting

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Safety is a top priority of many businesses and Blazin Safety Consulting, Inc. has everything needed to help make sure that is taken care of. Backed by a team of dedicated safety professionals with years of experience, Blazin Safety can help tailor safety solutions that help meet each client’s individual requirements and expectations. Blazin Safety provides everything needed for a safe environment with sales of equipment including fire protection, fire suppression, gas monitoring, respiratory, fall protection and emergency showers and eye wash stations. The company offers to also provide regular servicing and maintenance, refills and more for all their products. In addition to sales of safety equipment, Blazin Safety also offers consulting and training for employers and their employees as well as offering supervision with on-site services and confined space supervision. A stand-by rescue team is also a service provided by the company as all of their services are designed to help protect lives, property and the environment. For more information about Blazin Safety Consulting, Inc., contact their office at (432) 689-6700 or visit their website at

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