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Big D Equipment Company

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Mission Big D Companies are composed of an established team of professionals with decades of experience in providing a variety of products and services to the energy industry in Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. We are committed to the aggressive pursuit of opportunities for growth and diversification as we create economic value for our customers and for ourselves. We utilize our financial strength and professional management, new technologies and products to achieve our objectives, while satisfying the needs of our industrial partners – our customers, suppliers and employees. We are dedicated to providing a safe and rewarding workplace, delivering the value and expertise our customers expect while supporting and protecting the environment. The Big D Story Big D Equipment Company was established in September 1977. Our first service offering was lining reserve pits for the energy industry. But we grew quickly in response to the dynamic nature of the energy industry, searching out new product offerings that were both innovative and cost effective for our customers. During this era, the industry standard was to use steel pipe for transporting water from reserve pits. Our founders envisioned a better way. Polyethylene pipe provided an opportunity for growth because it was lightweight, was easier to install, and was less expensive. The opportunity to improve the process of water supply was intriguing, so we acquired a spooling truck and welding equipment. History, as they say, was made. Polyethylene pipe revolutionized the process of supplying water for rigs, and our business boomed. Now, nearly half a century later, we continue to refine the process of water supply, and we're recognized as one of the leading polyethylene pipe installers in the rental and permanent installation markets. In 1980 we acquired the first pump and generator for our rental line, becoming the only company at that time to offer comprehensive water supply service. Instead of having to call several different contractors, our customers could call us for pit lining, polyethylene pipe installation, pump and generator rental, and fence building. Then, as now, our goal was to provide a single, all-inclusive source of drilling and production services for our customers. Branching Out Our great success with polyethylene pipe motivated the addition of other key service offerings. In 1988 we began offering the installation of permanent pond linings. This branch of our business quickly grew to include the installation of complete liner systems in landfills, liquid storage facilities, and secondary containment sites. As the Environmental Protection Agency and other state agencies continue to increase their enforcement of environment regulations, the liner business has become an essential contributor to the industry's efforts to protect our environment. Building upon our history of success in the rental business, we added additional complementary services as we continued to build toward our goal of becoming a single source of service for our customers. We added a large fleet of trash trailers and light towers to our rental inventory and added temporary fence construction to our expanding list of service offerings. In the early 1990’s the energy industry experienced a substantial slowdown. Big D used that event as motivation to explore opportunities for expanding into new markets with our core products and services. We began offering the service of installing 80 ML, double-lined systems into municipal landfills. We leveraged our existing knowledge where applicable and acquired additional expertise in leak detection. We soon acquired a reputation as an industry leader in handling these sensitive projects for municipalities. In 1994 we broadened our liner installation capabilities by acquiring the equipment to perform our own construction services. Utilizing our own earth-moving equipment has enabled us to become more competitive on many projects and has helped streamline the coordination of scheduling with customers. As the industry began to recover from the slowdown, Big D added a water transfer division in 2012, and a fencing division in 2015 - a continuation of our unending efforts to offer clients a more comprehensive line of products and services. Putting the “Big” in Big D Big D Companies' inventory and equipment now includes more than 100 pieces of Caterpillar earth moving equipment, more than 500 miles of polyethylene rental pipe, a fleet of spooling trucks and trailers, a variety of submersible pumps, more than 50 miles of lay-flat water transfer line and an assortment of generators. We specialize in dirt construction, pit lining, poly pipe, water transfer, water wells, generators, and fencing – making Big D Companies a turnkey partner in fluid management. Big D will continue to grow services, improve processes, and seek out innovative technologies that will improve our ability to serve and satisfy our customers. We currently serve a 200-mile coverage area that extends through significant portions of Texas and New Mexico. Invest a little time in reviewing our products and services. Explore how we can serve your needs. We're confident you'll decide to become one of the countless happy customers that have experienced the Big D Difference

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